At T/J Fabricators, Inc., our facility houses state-of-the-art machinery that enabled us to efficiently manufacture the aircraft galley service equipment shown here. In this project, we worked in close partnership with the client to create a rigidly constructed unit with high strength properties that met the requirements for both safe food handling and FAA regulations. Our manufacturing team evaluated every aspect of design, materials, and process to ensure this product met very robust quality standards for both structure and appearance.

Featuring finished dimensions of 22” in width x 35” in depth x 36” in height, this rolling transporter is constructed mainly from .036” thick 304 stainless steel sheet with a brushed finish. In addition to being structurally strong, this material is very compatible with food handling and tolerates a wide range of atmospheric environments. We leveraged many of our fabrication capabilities, including precision numerically controlled punching, laser cutting, and bending to produce parts with tight dimensional tolerances of ±.005”. Assembly involved hardware insertion and riveting, which has the resilience to maintain structural integrity in a trolley that has to withstand jarring movement and vibration from aircraft ascent, descent, or turbulence.

Specifically designed and developed to meet the client’s specific requirements, they were very impressed with the quality and have placed many repeat orders. To learn more about our stainless steel fabrication capabilities, contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quote.

Rolling Transporter of Hot Meals used in Airplanes

Rolling Transporter of Hot Meals with Door Closed


Project Description

Rolling transporter of hot meals used in airplanes.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Metal Fabrication

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

N/C Punch
Press Brake

Deburr Machine
Hardware Inserter
Rivet Gun

Overall Part Dimensions

22″ x 35″ x 36″

Tightest Tolerances

± .005″

Material Used

.036 SST 304 #4

Material Finish

SST #4

Industry for Use