During the COVID-19 pandemic, easy access to hand sanitizer is more vital than ever. T/J Fabricators’ portable hand sanitizer station and stand provides a convenient way to follow OSHA and CDC guidelines, ensuring the safety of employees and customers in a variety of settings. With two leveler legs and two fixed caster wheels, this hand sanitation station maintains its stability and is easy to reposition. It features a slot for an automatic sanitizer dispenser and disinfectant wipes (dispenser and wipes not included) for contactless use.

Combo Hand Sanitizer and Wipe Dispenser Station

Our hand sanitizer station stand provides slots for a standard disinfectant wipe container and a hand sanitizer dispenser with 1,200 ml container of hand sanitizer. The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser makes it easy for customers and employees to sanitize their hands without touching the communal dispenser. Employees can also utilize the disinfectant wipes to follow COVID-19 sanitation protocols set forth by their employer, OSHA, and the CDC. Wipe and hand sanitizer dispensers not included.

Stainless Steel Construction

Unlike other metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel offers a unique advantage for a sanitation station: it is corrosion resistant. While this is beneficial at all times, it is particularly desirable in products that require frequent sanitation, as corrosion creates an uneven surface that is challenging to fully clean. Stainless steel products remove this problem, maintaining a smooth surface that is easy for the user to sanitize. The stainless steel hand sanitizer station box is 10.75″ high, 5″ deep, and 9.5″ wide.

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Portable hand sanitizer stations make it easier for the user to continually adapt to the needs of employees and customers, moving the station to any location where it will be most accessible. This hand sanitizer station is fully integrated with the stand itself, increasing the stability of the construction. It features two leveler legs and two fixed caster wheels for ease of mobility.

Applications for Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stations

Wireframe model of hand sanitizing station with dimensions

Sanitizing Station for Retail

For high traffic locations such as shops and grocery stores, OSHA guidelines on COVID-19 recommend that employers make it easy for workers and customers to access hand sanitizers containing a minimum of 60% alcohol. Additionally, OSHA advises all workplaces to routinely disinfect surfaces and equipment. This portable hand sanitizer station gives employees easy access to disinfectant wipes, and its mobility enables it to be placed in high traffic areas—even if the areas with the most traffic change from day to day.

Portable Hand Sanitizer Station for Schools

According to CDC guidelines, schools should provide easy access to materials such as soap, paper towels, tissues, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. This hand sanitation station provides the latter two, enabling adults and older children to safely sanitize their hands.

Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand Station for Banks

OSHA recommends that credit card terminals, as well as any attached styluses, be wiped down after every use to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Having a portable hand sanitation station enables customers to have easier access to the necessary disinfectant wipes. Additionally, OSHA recommends that all keyboards, touch screens, push bars, and other frequently handled equipment be regularly sanitized. 

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