Established in 1967, T/J Fabricators, Inc. has developed into a proven leader in the fabrication community, specializing in short to medium run precision sheet metal fabrication for food service, telecommunications, computers, gaming, electronics and medical industries.

Driven by management to utilize the most modern high-tech systems for production, the plant has grown to over 100,000 sq. ft. in size. These systems allow parts to be made in the most efficient way, keeping costs under control. T/J Fabricators welcomes customers to use J.I.T. programs to control inventory.

Just outside Chicago, IL the facility provides product to companies worldwide.


T/J Fabricators, Inc. assures customers the best value for quality parts and on-time deliveries. We acknowledge the requirements our customers expect, and aim to meet and exceed them. The most modern and high-tech systems and equipment are utilized, with a facility large enough to support and process our customers finishing, assembly, and J.I.T. programs.

Always preparing for the future, T/J Fabricators, Inc. brings into play systems that are designed for manufacturing sheet metal components. These systems allow parts to be made the most efficient way, keeping costs under control. This advantage gives us the ability to continue being a strong and growing company.

We invite any company that uses sheet metal products to utilize our services as a supplier. They will find that their needs will be met, and they will progress to meet their goals.


We believe to maintain the quality and service required to satisfy our customers, continual changes have to be made. We are committed to this policy. Our facility has over 100,000 square feet, fully air conditioned, and has a back-up generator to run the entire plant. We are always improving our systems to be most effective in providing for our customer’s requirements.


First piece part and all subsequent inspections are done quickly through digital scanning to insure greater accuracy and consistency across a production run. Sampling points every .001/inch, any flat part can be inspected in minutes, regardless of its complexity!

State-of-the-art instruments and ISO-9001-2008-CertISO 9001 Registration means peace of mind for you.

We are proud to be an ISO 9001 Registered company, largely due to meticulous quality control procedures. Production consistency is something we feel cannot be compromised.

The people who operate our inspection department have always prided themselves on their exacting standards for uniformity. They rely on the industry’s most advanced tool for critical measurement, the Fabrivision system.

Utilizing digital scanning, this system inspects and compares flat sheet metal parts against predefined specifications and/or other pieces . . . in minutes! We can inspect more parts, more accurately. And, we can insure the most consistent and controlled production run possible.