What’s the Difference Between Welding and Metal Fabrication?


Many people refer to welding and metal fabrication as if they’re two different words for the same process. While both processes require working with metal, the terms are not interchangeable. Metal fabrication can be described as the process of creating a product out of metal. Welding is often a part of that process. There are […]

Sheet Metal Gauge Chart


Sheet metal is commonly described by gauge, which indicates the thickness of the particular piece of sheet metal. Since the gauge measurement system is independent of both the imperial and metric measurement systems (i.e., a gauge value of 18 is not equal to 18 inches or 18 centimeters), someone unfamiliar with it may find it […]


What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?


T/J Fabricators is a leading provider of custom sheet metal fabrication services for customers around the world. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we form, bend, punch, and extrude even the most complex OEM components for an extensive range of applications. We pride ourselves on providing only the highest-quality sheet metal products through cutting-edge technology, skilled expertise, and […]

Metal forming machine

Sheet Metal Forming Processes

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Sheet metal forming involves the use of force to deform metal without removing material. When the metal is carefully pushed beyond its yield strength — but not so far that it fails — it can be formed into shapes ranging from a simple bend to complex geometries. A range of precision sheet metal forming processes allow sheet […]