Kiosks play a key role in the customer service industry. They are used for a variety of purposes in both private and public facilities, such as:

  • Monetary transactions: ATMs, bill payment kiosks, point-of-purchase kiosks
  • Check-in operations: Airport kiosks, medical kiosks, hotel kiosks
  • Customer services: Mobile charging stations, photo kiosks, ordering kiosks, self-checkout kiosks, survey kiosks

Regardless of their purpose, all custom kiosks must be carefully designed and configured to ensure they meet the needs of the facility. Otherwise, they can cause service inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction, both of which can lead to lower profitability for the business. That’s why it is essential to partner with an experienced kiosk manufacturer for custom kiosk needs.

At T/J Fabricators, we offer a range of custom kiosk manufacturing services, including engineering, laser cutting, forming, welding, and more. Equipped with extensive metal fabrication experience, we have what it takes to deliver a custom kiosk that fully meets your specifications and standards.

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Why Choose T/J Fabricators for Custom Kiosk Manufacturing Needs?

Custom kiosks with complex and creative designs are better at attracting customers. This is why the companies who need the units rigorously vet potential kiosk manufacturing partners to ensure they use high-quality materials and meet high quality standards.

Need custom kiosks for your facility? T/J Fabricators is the ideal partner! Our vast engineering and fabrication experience allows us to handle every stage of the custom kiosk development process, from design to construction to delivery.

Our Custom Metal Kiosk Manufacturing Services

Custom kiosk manufacturing exampleManufacturing a custom kiosk involves many operations. We can perform the following:

  • Engineering. We offer end-to-end support for all our metal fabrication projects. This means our engineers are available to provide advice on every stage of the process, from CAD design to material selection to quality assurance.
  • Laser cutting. We use high-powered lasers to cut the raw material to the right shape and size.
  • Welding. We utilize advanced welding techniques to assemble the cut and shaped pieces into the final kiosk structure.

In addition to the above capabilities, we also offer many other custom sheet metal fabrication services, such as:

  • Punching
  • CNC machining
  • Polishing
  • Finishing
  • Hardware insertion

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For a custom kiosk manufacturer you can trust to meet your specifications and standards, turn to the metal fabrications experts at T/J Fabricators. For more information about our capabilities, contact us today. To discuss your custom kiosk requirements with one of our experts, request a quote.