Metal Fabrication of an Operation Stand for Fabrication Machines

Operation Stand for Fabrication Machines
Operation Stand for Fabrication Machines

As metal fabricators ourselves, T/J Fabricators, Inc. has first-hand knowledge of how important durable, robustly constructed equipment is to a fab shop. With this in mind, a long-time client accustomed to our quality workmanship contracted with us to build the operation stand highlighted here for use with a metal fabrication machine. This large stand featured dimensions of 15” in length x 18” in width x 52” in height and required solid, all welded construction to provide strength and rigidity as well as a high-quality, professional appearance.

This workpiece required a substantial amount of welding. We reviewed the designs and made several recommendations to improve how various components mated together to facilitate the welding process. To produce the sheet metal pieces, production involved forming pre-determined bends using a press brake as well as laser cutting various thicknesses of cold rolled steel sheet. Other production activities included tapping threaded holes and deburring all of the formed components.

The talents of our welders played a vital role in the construction of this work stand. They produced strong, high quality joints, which were accurately placed and given a clean, smooth finish. Even when examined up close, these welds are not noticeable to the naked eye, giving the unit a seamless, one-piece appearance. The completed unit was given a powder coated finish on the interior and exterior as well as silkscreen printing.

Numerous quality checks took place at every step of the fabrication process, from receipt of materials to final inspection of the assembled and finished workpiece. This large, heavy stand exceeded the client’s expectations in every way. For more information about our expert sheet metal fabrication capabilities, contact us today.

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Operation Stand Project Highlights

Project Description
Operation stand for fabrication machines.
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Metal Fabrication
Powder Coating
Silk Screening
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Bystronic Laser
Press Brake
Deburr Machine
Tapping Center
Welding Equipment
Overall Part Dimensions
15" x 18" x 52" Height
Tightest Tolerances
± .005"
Material Used
Various Thickness: .134, .250, .059
Material Finish
Texture Powder Coat/Silk Screen
Industry for Use
Metal Fabrication
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Inspection done at start and during every process of the job.

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